EP: The Hurt by SYML

EP: The Hurt by SYML

From his basement recording studio in the small town of Issaquah, WA outside Seattle, Brian Fennell began to write and record songs under the name SYML (pronounced “simmel”), which means simple in Welsh. Adopted and not knowing his history or connection to his Welsh roots, many of the songs on The Hurt EPs are influenced by the complex feelings that come from his unknown lineage.

Now SYML released his new The Hurt EPs which include the debut EP “Hurt For Me” and also SYMLs new EP “In My Body” with a French duet version of SYML’s hit “Where’s My Love”. The song “Where’s My Love” has been featured in series such as “Teen Wolf”, “Shadowhunters”, “The Originals”, “Scream”, and many more, and gained great notoriety. In Germany the single entered the official Top 150 Airplay Charts.

There is not much we can all agree on except what it feels like to be human and to go through intense things like pain and loss.

Ultimately, it is the amiable and truthful portrayal of emotions, anchored in his heart-wrenching vocal performance, that keeps SYML from sounding maudlin or sentimental. As the name implies, it’s the simple approach – things are tough, let’s talk about it – that let’s you empathize and makes the themes he sings about tangible. In addition, Brian Fennel is a trained classical pianist. So he has learned his trade from scratch and also brings with him the necessary dedication and love for the music, to make The Hurt EPs a minimalist treasure, where time seems to stand still. SYML is just a master of soft tones and delicate arrangements.

Both EPs will be available as a special double EP physical package called The Hurt EPs via Nettwerk, available in stores since January 12th. Order it here.



Picture: SYML

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