Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

Making sparkling water at home has never been this elegant. With its all-metal design, the Aarke Sparkling Water Maker is much slimmer and more refined. So forget the plastic soda makers of the past and update your kitchen aesthetic with this beauty. The Aarke Sparkling Water Maker features a compact, minimalist design with three independent safety valves. The lever carbonates the water and also releases excess pressure from the Aarke stainless steel bottle. Just push the lever and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the carbonator. It couldn’t be simpler. The Aake Sparkling Water Maker requires no electricity or batteries for power, working solely off cartridges.

When designers Jonas Groth and Carl Ljungh turned their keen eye to home appliances, they lifted inspiration for their newly-founded label from the indigenous languages of Northern Sweden. Calling it ‘Aarke’, a word in Southern Sami which roughly translates as ‘everyday’, they encapsulated their intentions perfectly: functional, high-quality, and sleekly designed pieces which tend to our day-in, day-out needs. Their elegant sparkling water maker, the label’s first product, relies on a simple lever and three-valve safety-release system to carbonate water with fizz.

A style-conscious piece of design for households in need of some everyday sparkle. The Aarke Sparkling Water Maker comes in silver or black and is online available for 199 €.




Pictures: Aarke

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