Daniel Arsham & Anicorn Limited Edition Watch

Daniel Arsham & Anicorn Limited Edition Watch

Hong Kong-based independent watchmaker and design company Anicorn has teamed up with New York based artist Daniel Arsham, the founder of Arsham Studio, to create a limited edition dual-branded watch.

„Arsham has unearthed a way of seeing the familiar objects of today as future artifacts – taking the past, and making it present,“ said Arsham Studio. „Illustrating the concept of time with sensible touches. The collaboration, Arsham defies his perspective of time through this handcrafted mechanical timepiece.“

The “Arsham Studio Standard Watch“ is a handcrafted mechanical timepiece with the words “past – present – future“ marked on it’s 316L stainless steel case body. Also the words “Arsham Studio Standard Watch“ perfectly align every day at 11:00 am and 11:00 pm. Some believe the time 11:00 holds spiritual qualities.  For the watch, it adds a special alignment feature over a simple noon and midnight alignment.

The Anicorn and Daniel Arsham watch collaboration will see only 100 units released, while each edition number (No.1-100) will be marked on the metal plate and will be unique to the studio. The full package includes a mechanical timepiece, leather straps, hourglasses, stainless steel button, gloves and a screwdriver.

View the special timepiece above and expect an official release on Daniel Arsham’s official website as well as Anicorn’s online shop this May 11 at 12 pm EST. Pricing details are pending.




Pictures: Anicorn

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